Our top picks for the party season

Our top picks for the party season

Our newly launched Rachel Simpson Outlet is the place to go for all discontinued and previous season Rachel Simpson shoes and bags. Shop the same beautiful wedding shoes, shoes for special occasions and of course the matching handbags at amazing prices. New stock will be added regularly so make sure you keep checking in.

With the party season fast approaching, today we want to show you a few of our party shoe top picks. At these prices they won't be around for long though so don't wait if you find the perfect pair!


(insert Venus photo)

For the ultimate blend of statement shoe and absolute comfort, look no further than our to-die-for Venus glitter mule. With a modest 6cm heel but ridiculous levels of glam, these are honestly, so super effortless to wear but will definitely get all the attention! 

You can wear with pretty much anything but there is something stunning about a glitter mule and skinny jean combo, with either a black or glitter top. Let your shoes do the talking on this one..


(insert Giselle platinum photo)

Sticking with the glitter theme (it is almost Christmas after all!), our next top pick for a party shoe this season is our uber stylish Giselle strappy sandal. Back in the day the description of a 'strappy sandal' may have meant sky-scraper/ super-high and therefore super uncomfortable shoe. But with this beauty it's the exact opposite- all the glam of a strappy sandal but with absolute comfort to boot!

A delicious combination of sparkling platinum glitter and metallic leather, Giselle is a super versatile shoe and will see you through the party season.


(insert Giselle platinum photo)

What's not to love about a classic court shoe? And when it comes with iridescent flowers on the front it's surely even better! Our Luciana court is the perfect combination of classic and fun- made from bright ivory suede, there are gorgeous flowers on the front which have an iridescent blend of pinks, purples and blues in the light- think mermaid colours, but subtle!

The straight heel gives Luciana a modern look, and whilst high has all the comfort you'd expect from an RS shoe.


(insert Gigi silver photo)

We love our classic Gigi heel for the perfect all round party shoe. Made from a combination of silver snake effect and metallic leathers it has a slightly vintage look with a definite modern twist. You can wear Gigi with pretty much anything and- because of the signature comfort- to pretty much any event, day to night!

There are loads more party shoes on our Outlet site, click here to shop the full selection.